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$5000 Tekken Tag 2 Bonus for Final Round

Over at the official Final Round website they’ve announced that Namco Bandai has donated $5000 to the pot for Tekken Tag Tournament 2! Final Round is home to one of the largest Tekken tournaments of the year. Here’s what they had to say:

“I would like to thank BANDAI NAMCO GAMES for their continued support of the Tekken scene by donating $5,000 bonus to the TTT2 tournament at FINAL ROUND 16. Remember that the winner of the TTT2 tournament at FINAL ROUND 16 wins a flight/badge/tournament entry to ECTV as a part of the East coast Tekken circuit! The winner will also qualify for ‘THE FALL CLASSIC”! More details coming soon about this exciting new tournament series! You don’t want to miss out on this great event”

The past two years I’ve missed out on it thinking flights would get cheaper, then watching as flight prices just rose higher and higher. I’m definitely going this year though, along with a couple others from Socal! Looking forward to it! Final Round takes place March 29-31 (TTT2 on the 30th/31st) in Atlanta, Georgia.