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  • Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer Impressions from a Duke3D Fan

    Wake up at 6am, drive from Orange County to San Francisco, eat Little Luccas Sandwiches, play Duke Nukem Forever, drive home, eat some Asa Ramen and Taco Sinaloa. For most, this would be a crazy awesome day. For me… it was Thursday. Yesterday’s Thursday in fact, and as a crazy Duke3D fan who has been […]

  • Duke Nukem Forever TRAILER + RELEASE DATE!

    I wasn’t planning to make any posts about this game on this site, however, Duke Nukem 3D was by far my favorite FPS growing up. And now the epic story of fail in trying to release its sequel, Duke Nukem Forever, comes to an end. The release date is May 3rd USA and May 6th […]