21st Nov2011

DeepTheater Still Breaking Tekken Tag Tournament 2

by Rip

Theater10 is back with more awesome Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo crazyness. I feel like the last combo in this may be a death combo if he had done it with netsu activated. He also shows some interesting new ways to get some sandwich combos in. BTW, the sandwich combos aren’t necessarily ‘better’ combos, but aside from being very fun to do, I think they will allow for getting extra damage situationally. Videos after the jump: (more…)

05th Nov2011

DeepTheater Returns with Yoshimitsu Sandwich Combos in TTT 2

by Rip

I admit, when this video started off I thought he was just goofing off and running out of cool TTT 2 combos to show everyone. I will never doubt him again haha. DeepTheater is too good. Check it out:

02nd Nov2011

More Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Combos From DeepTheater

by Rip

DeepTheater is back with more awesome Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combos. This time around he uses Hwoarang’s unblockable as a filler. Interesting thing is that it hits in the middle of Nina doing the ender already. Plus with the wall the combo does like 75-80% so thats pretty good too


28th Oct2011

DeepTheater Returns With More Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Combo Goodness

by Rip

Last time, we got two Tekken Tag Tournament 2 videos within quick succession of one another. This time around, he took a little bit more time and gives us a slightly longer clip of awesomeness. Heihachi EWGF, OTGF, EWGF B! combos are too good. I may have to pickup Heihachi instead of Kazuya because of it. Interesting to see him mix in some unblockables into his combos in the open and at the wall as well. Don’t be fooled by the thumbnail! At first, I thought he filmed it with the camera sideways in his crotch, but he seems to have been able to keep it up.

18th Oct2011

DeepTheater Is Back With More Tekken Tag 2 Combo Madness

by Rip

DeepTheater is back showing off some interesting sandwich combo scenarios. I’m not really sure what he means by “the direction to fly over depends on which character you can operate” but things look pretty crazy anyway. Raven really needs to be patched..

10th Oct2011

DeepTheater Shows Off New Types of Combos in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

by Rip

DeepTheater is back with more Tekken Tag Tournament 2 action for us. Some really cool new combo stuff in this video. *Spoiler alert* – EWGF, OTGF, EWGF B! – say what?! Also shows us combos that end with unblockable shoulder tackles

05th Oct2011

DeepTheater Continues Breaking Tekken Tag Tournament 2

by Rip

The game has been out for about 3 weeks now and DeepTheater has been putting in some work! This time around he shows a combo with Raven on Panda that basically resplats to the wall repeatedly. With the resplat combos he showed off previously I’m curious about what other situations may exist with other characters. Check it out: