01st Sep2012

Mad Catz Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Fight Stick TE-S+ Unveiled at PAX

by Rip

Over at PAX 2012 the brand new Mad Catz Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Fight Stick has been unveiled and its got some new features! Details aren’t clear yet, but it looks like the art is easily swappable and they have a new non-slip bottom as well. For the PS3 version they’ve also given a nod to the Namco / Tekken fightsticks of the past (I feel like I had this idea awhile ago..) by making the stick and buttons yellow! So sick! Check out the pictures they’ve released below (I’ve added a picture of the original Namco stick as well). The stick will be available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the WiiU.

Cant wait to try out that new bottom as its the only thing I felt was missing from previous Mad Catz sticks!

01st Aug2012

Hori Officially Reveals Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Stick

by Rip

Over at their Facebook page Hori has revealed images of their Tekken Tag Tournament 2 stick. Images of this stick first showed up at Amazon for Hori Japan, but in the past it was not uncommon for Hori Japan to have different stick art / branding. It looks like the art is now confirmed and that the body will be that of the Soul Calibur 5 stick. Check out the screens below.

12th Nov2011

Hori – NEW Soul Calibur 5 Stick and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue Stick!

by Rip

Wow, did not expect to see this coming. When MadCatz announced their Soul Calibur 5 stick I assumed it was an exclusive license, however Hori has pulled out a Soul Calibur 5 stick of their own. Not only that, but its based on a completely new design! I’m VERY interested in seeing what Hori decided to do with this new design. Separately, with Hori recently announcing the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 fight stick based off their V3SA design I thought that surely they would stick with that design going forward. But surprise, surprise, they pull out a stick for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue based on the old Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 design!