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  • MadCatz TE2 Arcade Fightstick Review

    MadCatz TE2 Arcade Fightstick Review

    Our friends over at MadCatz sent over a couple of the Tournament Edition 2 Arcade Fightsticks for us to giveaway as part of our 5 year celebration! The TE2 is one of my favorite sticks and I’ve been using the Killer Instinct TE2 stick for over a year. Now that the new generation of consoles […]

  • Razer Atrox Arcade Stick Has A Release Date

    After Razer’s sponsored players like Fuudo and Latif have been using/testing the new Razer Atrox stick for what seems like years now, the product is finally coming to retail. Only for Xbox 360 the full feature list isn’t too different from what we’ve seen from other manufacturers, but it does come with a screwdriver! The […]

  • Injustice – Official Release Date, Collectors Edition, & Battle Edition Revealed!

    Injustice:Gods Among Us, the upcoming fighting game from the makers of Mortal Kombat 9 has an official released date – April 16th! The Collectors Edition comes with a cool statue of Batman getting owned up by Wonder Woman. The Battle Edition comes with a brand new arcade stick with a design that looks similar to […]