05th Oct2014

Hands on Impressions of Tekken 7 Location Test – JTchinoy

by JTchinoy

After 3 long days of waking up early to try to get the special Tekken 7 Banapassports, which I’ve successfully claimed 2 of, I can finally write a complete GENERAL review of the game in its current form.  Please note that I haven’t watched anyone else’s initial impression videos or read any posts, nor did I listen to Harada explain Tekken 7.  I was sitting 7 feet from the man and I couldn’t hear him, so this is all from the observations of myself and my friends.
After 2 glorious years of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the general Tekken population worldwide is just finally understanding the more in depth mechanics and interactions of the game.  Even if we’re just breaking the surface of Tag 2, it’s time Namco put out the next iteration in the Tekken franchise, based on the roughly 2 year pattern.  I’ll start by clearly stating that my personal experience with the game is that there is no relation between Tekken Revolution and Tekken 7.  Excluding of the vague similarity between the new Power Crush moves in 7 and the Invincible moves in Revolution, the games did not play the same, move the same, nor share similar combo mechanics.