30th Aug2013

Theater10 – TTT2 TZ Community Project #3 Teaser – Yoshi Infinite + MORE Crazy stuff

by Rip

This has to be one of the sickest TTT2 combo video previews ever. The past TZ Community Project vids have always been filled with awesome combos, but its going to be hard to top these! The WAY BEYOND Death combosBe sure to follow Theater10‘s youtube channel!

16th Sep2012

Ancient Ogre Corner Infinite?

by Rip

CEOJebailey tipped me off to this possible Ancient Ogre infinite in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on twitter. Haven’t had a chance to verify this yet, but apparently it does not work with Lee’s infinite kicks, only Ancient Ogre’s. Will get to testing later tonight and report back (Im thinking you can probably sidestep?). For now check it out though:

Update: Its legit for Ancient Ogre, not for Lee (unless you block with db and get hit by 10-12 of them first, THEN its an infinite after that, but you lost 90% of your life already anyway)