30th Sep2011

Tekken 6 – Just Frame Natural Combos

by Rip

CONTEST CLOSED! Winner will be notified by email! Aside from the typical just frame moves in the game, there are apparently other just frame combos. Kane has just posted a video showing Lili connecting her b+2,1 into backturned 1,2. From his testing it seems that it only works on a limited amount of characters. More interesting to me is that its done by delaying the second hit of b+2,1. The strange part of course is that it doesn’t seem to change the frame data or else it would work on a lot more characters right? He also linked me to a Baek example that shows many strings that are guaranteed when delayed correctly.

So why does this work? Best explanation/response in the comments gets a high five and a free LUYG iPhone app (contest ends October 5th. Approximate grand prize value $0.99!!!):