31st Jan2014

Spinal – 112 Hit Ultra Combo

by Rip

Spinal was just released today for Killer Instinct. Here is his 112 hit double ultra combo! Check out the PrimaGames.com official eGuide for Killer Instinct with Spinal as well. Check it out for his full strategy, frame data, hitboxes, drain rates on his curses, and more:

11th Nov2013

Killer Instinct Ultra Fanbook Giveaway

by Rip

DONE with the Killer Instinct ULTRA Fanbook! It’s got a bunch of art, concept art, and interviews with the development teams at both Double Helix Games and Microsoft. As a limited promotion I get to giveaway a copy of the Ultra Fanbook EVERYDAY for the next two weeks. New tweet to retweet each day (here is today’s). All you have to do is follow @reepal and @PrimaGames and retweet the entry tweet each day.