29th Sep2011

Mortal Kombat Returns to the Big Screen!

by Rip

Wow, did not see this coming. After the MK Legacy series, director Kevin Tanchereon will get his chance to bring his version of the MK universe to theaters everywhere. Scheduled for 2013 with a budget of under $100 million dollars it sounds like they’re going all out. Hopefully the movie will be more like MK Rebirth than MK Legacy. If you don’t remember the teaser that got MK Legacy going, here it is again:

24th Jul2011

Mortal Kombat Legacy: Episode 9 – Sektor/Cyrax

by Rip

Debuting at Comic-Con this past weekend, its now live! Find out who the mystery robot was! Enjoy!


20th Jul2011

MK Legacy Teaser Image: Robot Smoke? Cyber SubZero?

by Rip

Another teaser image from the season finale of Mortal Kombat Legacy (btw, series available on iTunes in HD). This time around its a little mysterious. At first, I thought it was one of those Lin Keui dudes that look like Robot Smoke in the story mode. But then the tweet mentioned “Who” is this, as if it were a specific someone. To top it off, the lights coming out are blue to maybe HINT that its Cyber Sub, except that the face doesn’t look anything like it. Pretty cool looking shot nonetheless. Can’t wait to see it at Comic-Con in a couple days!