28th May2015

Kazumi Revealed As a Playable Character for TEKKEN 7

by Rip

The trailer is now up for Kazumi for Tekken 7! Looks like she will in fact be playable! Check out the trailer below! TIGER UPPERCUT!

07th Mar2013

Injustice: Doomsday Revealed!

by Omar Diones

With Gamestop’s promo, fans were able to reveal a screenshot of Doomsday being a playable character for Injustice.  Apparently Injustice is still going to unravel more characters before its release date, which is April 15th 2013.  How to unlock these hidden characters still remains a mystery.

Honestly I thought Doomsday seems like a boss character but seeing him as a playable character makes me wonder who could be the final boss of the game if there is any.  Who do you think would make a good final boss to go against this crazy roster?

05th Feb2011

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Playable at AOU!

by Rip

Book your tickets to Tokyo! Harada announced at Gods Garden 3 (post below) that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be playable at AOU on February 18th! Here’s hoping to lots of new pictures and videos!