04th Oct2014

Tekken 7 – Montage / Highlights of Day 2 Location Test!

by Rip

Didn’t get to watch all five and half hours of the Tekken 7 location test yesterday? Check out this recap with a bunch of the highlights. Tons of Rage Arts, combos, and hype moments from the day. Don’t forget that the last day of the location test will be streamed in about 12 hours and may feature Kazumi since she was the third Banapass card!

21st Jul2011

Street Fighter x Tekken – 4 Character Reveal + GAMEPLAY!

by Rip

OMG, this game keeps looking better and better! Tekken 3 Yoshimitsu?! Steve Fox looks great and Poison is as HOT as EVER! =O
“I’ll see yoou…IN HELL!”

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