03rd Aug2014

Tekken 7 – Comic Con 2014 – Recap

by Rip

Hey guys, last weekend was San Diego Comic Con. Bandai Namco had a fighting game panel in which they talked about a bunch of stuff for an hour including Rise of Incarnates, the CGI opening movie for Tekken 7, and finally more details about Tekken 7 itself. You can catch the full panel on the Youtube Channel, or if you’re just interested in a quick recap of the Tekken 7 information, check it out below. BTW, shoutout to all of our subscribers as we recently crossed the 20k barrier. Thanks everyone and if you haven’t already done so, please subscribe!

08th Dec2011

Gamasutra Interview with Harada about Tekken’s Future

by Rip

Nice short interview with Harada where he shares his thoughts on the future of the Tekken series. With so many games coming out on so many platforms in the next year its a pretty interesting read. Of particular instance is a reference he makes to Tekken x Street Fighter being open to next-generation consoles if the opportunity arises. Obviously the game is still early in development, but if the situation presents itself then it seems they are still open to the idea. Check out the full article here and the blurb about TxSF here:

For example, [Capcom producer Yoshinori] Ono-san’s team is working on Street Fighter X Tekken. We have our Tekken X Street Fighter that we will be doing here. Currently I’m thinking of that for PlayStation 3 hardware, and this is just a “for instance” — I mean, it’s not like we have any kind of info that you don’t — but if Sony were to say, “Okay, we have the next PlayStation hardware available,” then obviously we would put that into consideration.

03rd Oct2011

1up Interview’s Harada Regarding the Six+ Upcoming Tekken titles

by Rip

This is the first article with Harada in awhile that actually has some good new information. For one, Harada talks about how the Tekken Project development team is currently split up. A good chunk of them are doing motion capture on Tekken x Street Fighter, so its safe to say that game is past the 1% mark now. He also talks a bit about the ORIGINAL version of Tekken 4 which was scrapped and their almost collaboration/crossover with a different 3rd party game developer. Very good read, check it out