02nd Feb2013

SCR 2013 – Tekken Tag 2 – Pools – Day 2 ft. Kane, FilthieRich, Inkog, JFJ, Aris and more

by Rip

Socal Regionals 2013 is in the books, but Tekken Tag 2 didn’t get any stream time for the pools so I captured most of it by camcorder. If you didn’t catch Day 1 Pools action, check out this post. Here is the playlist for ALL of the matches containing both Day 1 and Day 2. Players include Kane, Mr. Naps, Inkognito, FilthieRich, JustFrameJames, Aris, K30, Alexman, Jackie_tran and MORE! There are also a couple of Top 16 matches included in the FULL PLAYLIST. Check out some samples below:

10th Aug2012

NSFW – Super Arcade – wcGalo vs Tekken Tim – lol?

by Rip

Don’t watch this for educational purposes. Do watch this for entertainment value. NSFW for language only. If you guys are in the Super Arcade area, definitely stop by and play with us. It’s awesome to see a new rivalry at the arcade after so many years. I’m not sure why Galo thinks Tekken Tim sucks so much, but Galo is definitely passionate about his Tekken game. Second vid is not to be missed as it features some TastySteve commentary. (more…)