25th Jan2013

Ultimate Tournament – Day 1 – MM Results

by Rip

Bronson vs GreenLei – Beer Match – 5-0 Bronson
Bronson vs JDCR – FT3 – 3-2 Bronson
Rip vs NeoNinja – FT5 – 5-1 Rip
Fab vs VZ (El Negro) – FT5 – 5-0 El Negro
Fab vs VZ (Jackson) – FT5 – 5-3 Fab
Fab vs VZ (Jun/Asuka) – FT5 – 5-4 VZ
The stream for the tournament will be live tomorrow. Tournament starts at 2pm France time (5am PST/8am EST) at twitch.tv/tekkenarenafr

13th Dec2012

Ultimate Tournament XIV – Rip, Bronson, Fab Confirmed

by Rip

On January 26, 2013 Ultimate Tournament XIV returns in Paris, France! The #1 European Tekken exclusive tournament with competitors from around the globe. They’ve been releasing teaser trailers and so far have announced AGE.(NYC)Fab, Bronson ‘Insanelee’ Tran, and Rip (me!). The three of us attended UTXII and look forward to returning! Personally, I hope to meet a lot of you European players! Check out the trailers below after the jump – P.S. – Bronson is lame in his trailer: