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  • World Tekken Federation Site Revealed

    World Tekken Federation Site Revealed

    Looks like the World Tekken Federation website will be available from… you guessed it! worldtekkenfederation.com – Pretty interesting in that it uses your banapass account if you have one. So I already had an account! So crazy. I wonder how integrated it actually is for arcade players. I wonder if it will work cross console.. […]

  • World Tekken Federation – New Images Released

    Namco’s official Tekken page has released a new set of screenshots of the World Tekken Federation. If you haven’t heard, this PREMIUM online service will be FREE. It looks like they are adding TONS to it and this latest screenshot shows a little bit more about the Community side of it. They mentioned forum integration […]

  • Gamespot – In Depth with World Tekken Federation and Online Play

    Gamespot – In Depth with World Tekken Federation and Online Play

    Another great look at the World Tekken Federation feature of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The more I see it, the more I think it would be a great option for OFFLINE match tracking as well. For commentators at a live event, this would be FANTASTIC for commentators/casters to have access to during a tournament/immediately after […]

  • World Tekken Federation Will Be Free!

    It was announced today that the PREMIUM online service for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – the World Tekken Federation, will be completely free. The service keeps track of all of your battle history, hits per character, number of wall uses, number of tags, number of dodges, throw rate, throw break rate, number of counterhits, number […]

  • Tekken Tag 2 – WTF – World Tekken Federation

    Namco has highlighted a TON of new features for the online mode in Tekken Tag Tournament 2! All replays will be saved online, World Tekken Federation stores all your stats including which moves you use and how often you use them, worldwide leaderboard, and team creation features! Check it all out below. (BTW, isn’t that […]