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Rip vs Narakhof – Tekken Crash:Royal Rumble

My match is up! Also, if you didn’t catch Part 2 of my trip recap, check it out here! I’ll be editing it with the rest of the Royal Rumble vids later tonight.






3 responses to “Rip vs Narakhof – Tekken Crash:Royal Rumble”

  1. kornstar

    lol, I assume he announced your name as you came out, but all I heard was “lowell lee”? btw, it’s true, you don’t suck.

  2. rinoH

    that was a gdlk intro

  3. ketlord

    well, that was a tough match, though looks u were already decoded aka copied. game was more offensive n no time for defense but overall good match

    Good Luck !!!!