10th Aug2012

NSFW – Super Arcade – wcGalo vs Tekken Tim – lol?

by Rip

Don’t watch this for educational purposes. Do watch this for entertainment value. NSFW for language only. If you guys are in the Super Arcade area, definitely stop by and play with us. It’s awesome to see a new rivalry at the arcade after so many years. I’m not sure why Galo thinks Tekken Tim sucks so much, but Galo is definitely passionate about his Tekken game. Second vid is not to be missed as it features some TastySteve commentary. (more…)

12th Apr2012

Tekken Rage Grand Finals – Nin vs Lion Hart

by Rip

Updated 12:14am – April 13
We all know who Nin is, but who is this Lion Hart guy? Nin was there for two separate events. The video below is the first grand finals set from Tekken Rage. Nin went on to win in the final set to win that tournament. Separately there was the IGC (India Gaming Carnival) event which there is a TON of backlash against, with people not getting paid, 3 day event turning into 2 day event, people getting mugged etc etc. If anyone has videos of the final set of Tekken Rage or the grand finals from IGC feel free to post the link to them in the comments. jAy-Kei has posted on Nin’s behalf after the jump:


30th Mar2012

Awesome Tekken 6 Mishima Combo Video by DietyDevil

by Rip

The title of the video is Tekken 6 Mishima Extreme Hardcore Combos, and it pretty much delivers exactly that. I love me some OTGF combos so that Heihachi combo at 2:34 is SICK. Be sure to check out DietyDevil‘s youtube account to see his other vids.

21st Mar2012

[KYSG] GuC11′s Last Combo Video for Tekken 6 BR

by Rip

[KYSG] GuC11′s last combo video for Tekken 6 BR. I’m not usually a fan of tool assisted combo videos because they usually end up having more repetition of difficult to perform inputs and less creativity, but I’m a fan of the combos in this video. Check it out:

12th Mar2012

Tekken Force Interviews Harada & Ono

by Rip

Recently at the UK Fight Club for Street Fighter x Tekken, Tekken Force got the opportunity to interview Harada and Ono. This is not your typical interview and I really wish that Harada had answered the last question legit! Also, for those of you wondering, our first SFxT FightStick PRO stick giveaway winner will be announced later today so stay tuned to the site to see if you won

05th Mar2012

Final Round XV – Tekken 6 Top 8 Matches and Results

by Rip

Check out the Tekken 6 top 8 from Final Round XV. Japan’s Ao was in attendance along with USA’s FightingGM, Anakin, The Exalted, and more. Matches start around the 14 minute mark and results after the jump

16th Feb2012

Tekken Unlimited – AOU 2012?

by Rip

Update: Trailer Revealed! AOU2012 is nearly upon us and while the show floor isn’t open yet there are some pics floating around. No details yet, but make what you will of this:

Of course, the obvious, it either says 1v1 or 7v7 and the image of Jin’s face / young Heihachi is what was used in the Tekken Tag 2 promotional materials.