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Evolution 2011 – Namco Panel and Q/A

This year at Evolution, Namco Bandai had a panel discussing the Tekken and Soul Calibur franchises. The first 10 minutes or so are similar to their Comic-Con panel, however the remainder is a very awesome Q/A session with the fans at Evolution. Lots of topics covered and overall a good listen. Harada opens up and speaks English occasionally as well! Huge thanks to XelNaga of All Things Gaming / UpstateFighting.com for filming this for me.



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5 responses to “Evolution 2011 – Namco Panel and Q/A”

  1. AAK

    After JOP’s question, it basically confirms that Tag Crash IS the combo breaker. It’s unfortunate people think otherwise that Namco is still going to add a Mortal Kombat esque Combo breaker.

    But damn, it’s sad no one asked about the console performance. T6 unfortunately ran at a lower resolution despite the arcade system 357 which is apparently basically PS3 hardware. Now that TTT2 runs on even more powerful hardware, I wondered what concessions they were planning on making for the consoles this time.

    1. jeremy

      Tekken Hybrid should show what TTT2 console will look like

      1. AAK

        Really, I assume it’s running on extremely early code and it will be riddled with frame drops, pop ins, among other things. But I suppose at least we will be able to see what the resolutions they’re planning for.

        The crispiness of Tekken 5 DR on PS3 is something I really really miss that I felt was missing in T6 because of the hit in resolution, and unfortunately I’ve never played T6BR on arcade so I’ve yet to experience what it was truly meant to look like.

      2. Rip

        DR on PS3 was basically a PS2 engine running on PS3 so it was upgraded to 1080p. T6BR arcade blows away console T6 as TTT2 arcade blows away what we’ve seen of TTT2:Prologue.

  2. Kane

    AAK: you can check out some of the vids at superarcadebox on youtube … if you goto the “Full HD” playlist, you can download some of the vids through links I have and you will see the arcade t6 in its true quality.