14th May2012

Asuka and Jun Kazama Customizations Coming For Soul Calibur V DLC?

by Rip

Looks like people have taken a look into the DLC compatibility pack for Soul Calibur V and found customizations for Asuka & Jun Kazama! The previous DLC patch added customizations for King and Ling. I wish they’d put more of the movesets in (like they did for Devil Jin) so we could see these characters doing Critical Edges etc. If they release some Law customizations I might have to consider picking up Maxi. Thanks to Baraka from TZ for the headsup. Take a look at the rest of the customizations after the jump (more…)

25th Apr2012

Tekken Character Skins DLC for Soul Calibur 5

by Rip

Namco has released more screenshots of their upcoming skin pack DLC’s for Soul Calibur 5. Along with the Tekken character skins they will also be releasing an ‘Ancient Armor’ pack as well as a ‘Modern’ set. Check out the screenshots below. Theres a bunch screenshots of the other DLC packs after the jump. If you can read japanese, here’s some pricing information.

Also, let me know if the new comment system is working okay for you.. unless.. its not working for you..


06th Apr2012

Soul Calibur 5 – World Tournament – Stream Info

by Rip

This coming Tuesday April 10th, the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas will be hosting the Soul Calibur 5 World Tournament. Players from around the world have qualified and earned their spots into this tournament. They will be battling for $10,000 in prizes. I’ll be in attendance to cheer on Socal’s NoFaceKiller. The event will be streamed by TeamSp00ky over at their new location on own3d.tv – So be sure to tune in on April 10th 7:00pm (PST) via – http://www.own3d.tv/teamspooky
Check out the trailer below. Full player list and more info after the jump


19th Mar2012

Soul Calibur 5 Patch Changelog Available!

by Rip

A couple days ago it was announced that Soul Calibur 5 would be receiving a massive balance patch with ~240 updates. The patch goes live on March 21st, but you can read all the patch changes here. Some really interesting system changes here as they patched out the attack guard option that was used to make 8-way run and side step safer. Back dash is also more unsafe now. Aris’ fuzzy jump has also been patched out. Balance wise it looks like Natsu, Maxi, Xiba, and Tira got hit with the nerf stick. Lots of small nerfs across the board as well. Ivy and Viola look like they got some good buffs as well.

Also, there is going to be a patch for more customization options coming down on April 3rd. 4gamer has a bunch of screenshots up of a lot of the new customizations.
source: SDTekken & Kane

20th Feb2012

Soul Calibur 5 – Devil Jin Combos by The Main Man

by Rip

Pretty cool demonstration of Devil Jin’s combo potential in Soul Calibur 5 by The Main Man (who of course has a done a bunch of Mishima combo videos for Tekken in the past). Some nutty stuff in here, check it out:

13th Feb2012

Soul Calibur 5 – Astaroth and Voldo Combo Videos

by Rip

Quick roundup of the combo videos that have come out recently for Soul Calibur 5. sithlord’s Astaroth combo video is ridiculous and includes some death combos. Enkindu put up some staple Voldo combos along with some tech catches. Watching these videos in order pretty much sums up how I feel when playing Voldo lol

18th Jan2012

Soul Calibur 5 Rumor: Kilik, Elysium Screenshots Leaked

by Rip

Originally from NeoGaf, here are some screenshots that show Kilik and Elysium on the character select screen. The screenshots look pretty legit to me. Looks like there is an additional Pyrrha as well. Only 2 weeks until the game is released, but this almost fills up the character select screen! Is it just me or does Kilik look like that one dude from Digimon!?