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Avoiding The Puddle – 8/12/2011 Stream Archive

Hey everyone, incase you missed it, this past Friday Aris started his first stream from Southern California’s Super Arcade. He will be trying to run the stream weekly, so be sure to follow his twitch.tv account here and check out the archive of the first stream below:






4 responses to “Avoiding The Puddle – 8/12/2011 Stream Archive”

  1. Wichmann

    We want a fucking deathmatch! Cheers from Ger :3

    1. Rip

      Whats up Germany! SabreDabre is ass! As for deathmatches tho, I dont know if thats going to happen. We’ll see. Aris is trying to figure it out. I would guess that the majority of our players arent in the same ranks, so it’d be pretty boring? I dont know for sure though, we’ll see how things play out in the coming weeks!

  2. mario

    i laughed so hard when you lost as mokulaw. =)
    no offence though.

    1. Rip

      None taken. Mokulaw always fails me