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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 PROLOGUE Gameplay and Info from TGS

Didn’t expect to get gameplay videos of TTT2 Prologue from Namco on the day of Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s arcade release, but surprise surprise! Good strats Namco! Looks like it will be only 4 characters which really sucks. Would’ve really liked to see 8 or 10 characters out of the 40 in the game. Graphics look good though. Dubstep fountain stage is in and the water / dirt effects look great still.

Prologue will include two-player versus but no single-player ladder. Also TTT1 HD, Tekken:Blood Vengeance, and TTT2 Prologue will all be 3D-compatible. As previously announced, TTT2 Prologue will also have a 3D model viewer. Release is scheduled for this holiday, exclusively for Playstation 3.






6 responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 PROLOGUE Gameplay and Info from TGS”

  1. Martin Ryan Cruz

    I thought we’re suppose to have at least 10 characters. Like Heihachi, Jin, Nina, etc.

  2. jonsf

    sucks for console players who can’t play Mishimas or is not JTchinoy.

  3. aleem

    i wonder if they will put the new designed devil jin and devil in ttt2 when it hits consoles, they should

    1. Rip

      I hope they do. I assume that because of the hardware upgrade for TTT2 arcade that the console version will not be arcade perfect anyway so I dont see any reason not to include them.

  4. AAK

    Quit complainin’ people! It’s better than nothing 🙂

    1. DJD2010

      Nuff said. im happy with DVJ alisa, and ling , Devil kazuya too , but i dont play with kazuya anyway so Alisa,DVJ,ling are enough for me 🙂 Althrough it would be nice if they added heihatchi,nina,anna,lili,asuka etc like 6-7 more , but im happy anyway 😀