13th Feb2015

Lucky Chloe and Shaheen Gameplay out of Japan Amusement Expo

by Rip

Finally! Our first look at the gameplay of Lucky Chloe and Shaheen! Hameko gets an overview of both characters directly from Harada! Shoutouts to Hameko and 4gamer. Check out their video here:

12th Dec2014

Tekken 7 – Official 1080p/60fps Gameplay and Lucky Chloe Trailers

by Rip

Over at the official tekkenchannel youtube page they put up the latest gameplay trailer, as well as the Lucky Chloe reveal trailer. As you can see, the trailers are at 1080p/60fps and Harada has confirmed that the game itself will run at 1080p/60fps! Check them out below:

07th Dec2014

Tekken 7 – New Trailer and 20th Anniversary Highlights!

by Rip

Last night, Namco had their 20th Anniversary celebration for the Tekken franchise. They held exhibition tournaments, showed off the new character Lucky Chloe, and also debuted a new trailer of the game. In this video I recap the event and also highlight some of the most interesting moments from the Tekken 7 exhibition matches. How do you guys think the game is coming along?

12th Sep2012

TTT2 Sebastian, Miharu, Slim Bob, and Dr. Bosconovitch Gameplay Revealed

by Rip

Earlier this morning on a Namco Bandai TTT2 stream Harada revealed gameplay clips for Sebastian, Miharu, Slim Bob, and Dr. Bosconovitch. Dr. B looks as crazy as ever. Check it out below:


17th Jan2012

Street Fighter x Tekken – New Character Reveals + Gameplay!

by Rip

As promised, Capcom has revealed a bunch of new characters for Street Fighter x Tekken! I LOVE these CGI trailers. And I also love how people keep getting their faces stepped on! As for the 2 surprises that were promised, it may be the very end of the gameplay trailers (looks like Pacman and Megaman for PS Vita). The game is only and things are looking up. Look forward to more reveals leading up to its release. Screenshots after the jump


23rd Nov2011

Level Up Your Game – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue

by Rip

Did you get Tekken Hybrid? Trying to learn out a little more about the new system mechanics of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue? Well, thanks to Namco Bandai Games of America and @FilthieRich we were able to get this episode ready asap! Most if not all of this information applies to the full version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as well. Check it out, leave some feedback, and like/subscribe etc. Enjoy, and if you haven’t gotten your copy of Tekken Hybrid yet, what are you waiting for?! Go get it now!

In this video we cover notation, rules of the game, tag throws, combos, tag buffered launchers, red life, tag assault and its pros/cons, universal tag assault, balcony break combos, safe ways to tag in and out, wall combos and more

19th Sep2011

Boatloads of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Gameplay Videos

by Rip

More and more videos are coming out of Japan. ShintairikuKumagaya Youtube channel has a bunch of HD direct feed footage from the Live Monitor. Really good looking material if you want to see what the game looks like. I’ve put some of the latest vids after the jump. Harada has also put up an OFFICIAL TAG ASSAULT Video of sorts that highlights some of the special team combos/throws/winposes. To start things off though, check out these two vids. First up, Jinpachi / Kazuya special team combo. Second, a clip of the new “Strategic Space” stage in which you can get a wall break to a barrier/railing break (not sure what to call this yet) in the same combo!