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DeepTheater Continues Breaking Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The game has been out for about 3 weeks now and DeepTheater has been putting in some work! This time around he shows a combo with Raven on Panda that basically resplats to the wall repeatedly. With the resplat combos he showed off previously I’m curious about what other situations may exist with other characters. Check it out:





4 responses to “DeepTheater Continues Breaking Tekken Tag Tournament 2”

  1. Islaw

    Probably raven only

  2. MYK

    That new T6 Jack’s u1+2 property on moves are too good. That “pop-up” makes some characters wall combos really ridiculous.

    1. JACK_L0VER

      So Jack can do this too?

  3. Damajer

    Why did he stop?

    ps: raven top tier now.