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Bunch More Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Combos

Looks like Crumbs, owlertwo, and bobizza76 have been busy at the arcade. All three have released new clips of sample combos and wall combos for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Is 50-70% too much for a launcher near a wall considering you have two life bars in this game?





3 responses to “Bunch More Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Combos”

  1. some arcades might have set the life bar to -1 or something….so probably some juggles look very damaging because of the settings.

  2. Damajer

    Getting in unblockables as fillers is kinda funny

  3. Whatever

    Bryan does unblockable 99dmg on the wall without any tag stuff in BR. Now everybody can do this. Steve, Lars and Roger (of the top of my head) get half a lifebar for a full wall-combo
    Other than that, matches in BR sometimes take it to the timeout. And if you’re gonna have twice the health in TTT2, would you rather want round time to be 99 seconds and game to lose it’s pace or have damage somewhat buffed. I’d pick latter.