13th Aug2013

Injustice – Zatanna BnB Combos – Day 1 – By Rip

by Rip

Zatanna, the latest DLC character for Injustice has been released today for $4.99 – She seems to have a lot of potential as far as resets/re-stand combos etc goes. Her combo damage isn’t the greatest because of this, however she can get into the 40% range pretty easily with a bar or two. Take a look and let me know what you think. Be sure to follow the youtube / twitch channels as well:

22nd Sep2012

GuC11 – KYSG Yoshimitsu/Kunimitsu TTT2 Combo Video

by Rip

As if one KYSG TTT2 combo video wasn’t enough for one day, GuC11 delivers another awesome one. This time with Yoshimitsu/Kunimitsu all the way through. Some really awesome creative stuff in here, so be sure to check it out:

13th Sep2012

LUYG – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial #4 – Combos

by Rip

Continuing on our Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tutorial series with Namco Bandai Games this is Tutorial #4 – Combos! We cover everything from the tag assault system, the rage system, red life management, tag crash, easy/automatic tag assault filler, universal tag assault bounds and more. If you know anyone interested in learning anything about this game, they need to watch this episode.

11th Sep2012

Tekken Tag 2 – Sexy Girl Combos by Kane

by Rip

Oh me oh my.. Kane has been very very busy making some Sexy Girl Combos for Tekken Tag 2! Check out this awesome combo compilation featuring his favorite girly characters in their bikinis and skirts.

28th Jun2012

VF5 :FS – sithlord’s Sarah Combo Vid

by Rip

For those of you who don’t know much about VF5 (myself included), Sarah is a cross between Hwoarang and Jacky’s movelist with Nina’s looks. I don’t know what the storyline is for Sarah in the VF series, but looking at her movelist she’s got to be related to Jacky somehow right?! Cool combos as always. Notes from sithlord after the jump


05th Mar2012

Level Up Your Game – Street Fighter x Tekken – Raven / Yoshimitsu

by Rip

The Level Up Your Game series for Street Fighter x Tekken continues with the ninjas of the series, Raven and Yoshimitsu. Is Yoshimitsu one of the worst characters in the game? Could Raven be one of the best? Its definitely too early to tell but I think we’re headed in the right direction. Also, this episode marks the beginning of our second MadCatz Tournament Edition FightStick PRO giveaway contest. Hit the jump for more info


23rd Feb2012

Level Up Your Game – SFxT – Marduk / King

by Rip

Continuing on in our Street Fighter x Tekken coverage, this week we cover the two grapplers of the Tekken series, Marduk and King. Both characters have unique playstyles and are a lot of fun. King’s combo potential is ridiculous so TastySteve on Cross Assault, take notes! #TeamTekken (Oh yeah, and stay tuned to the credits for a little bonus)

Also, congratulations to @lionheart88 on twitter for winning our first #TeamTekken shirt giveaway. We’ve got one more to give away so subscribe to our youtube channel and comment on the video or follow us on twitter @LevelUpYourGame and retweet the message at the end of the episode for a chance to win.