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Bogus Journeys – Moon Prism Power!

Is a taunt jet-upper possible in Tekken 6 online? Come find out as Kane and Ken I. return to battle the evil forces online! You guys asked for a longer episode, so this time we’ve got nearly a full half an hour. Feels too long to me, but I’m open to trying out new things on this show so if you have any suggestions, leave it in the comments:







13 responses to “Bogus Journeys – Moon Prism Power!”

  1. DivineFist18411

    Damn-Kane don’t won’t NOBODY messin wit hm lol

  2. ouyrtyu

    GREAT! I like that show. Thanks for making it longer.

  3. AAK

    Did you guys ever think of trying a live Bogus Journey show? Something that’s streamed online and people can log onto PSN and challenge you guys on the spot. The stream chat monsters reactions would be epic lol.

    1. Rip

      I thought about it, but for a live show to do well I think you need to have it regularly scheduled etc. I’m going to test it out by myself with some ‘ranking sessions’ to try and get the ranks up before other guys play on the show. Should start testing it this week at http://twitch.tv/levelupyourgame so be sure to follow that channel, thanks guys.

  4. Causus

    This show just keeps on getting better and better. Keep em coming!

  5. J0hnny

    hahaha xD you guys are hella funny. Keep up that good work!

  6. Jj

    Wow a taunt jet upper online Kane is a legend

  7. Paintrain101

    I think you guys should go back and see who beat you guys. The best players online that is. Challenge them to a first a first of five. You know get some redemption!!!!

  8. Paintrain101

    *challenge them to a first of five….. too much porn sorry!

  9. thesorrow

    Great stuff online.
    triple ewgf with mokujin = boss.

  10. Forest

    Less Mokujin, more mains.

  11. unseen wombat

    I love this show. I like the longer episode too. More is better.

  12. Haha finally some Yoshi play…too bad it was Mokujin…[]