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Cross Assault Begins! #TeamTekken

Cross Assault Begins! Check out crossassault.ign.com for the streams and schedule or if you want to watch all three at once click here (thanks to @KeitsSRK / Seismic_TT). If you have no idea whats going on – Cross Assault is an internet reality show featuring 5 Street Fighter players going up against 5 Tekken players in a battle for $25,000. There will be challenges and eliminations daily this week so tune in! The top 4 will be flown to Final Round to determine the winner. Lets go #TeamTekken!

And to get you in the mood for some SFxT action, check out this awesome new SFxT video from SDTEKKEN/ MadCatz:





10 responses to “Cross Assault Begins! #TeamTekken”

  1. Targie

    Let’s go #TeamTekken!
    Challenge begins soon! It’s unfortunate but in terms of play ability it looks like SF has the edge in this early stage so it may all have to come down to which team has manifested the greater secret weapon. And so when two worlds collide which will prove superior?
    Team Tekken’s Miranda Thighs or Team Street Fighter’s NerdJosh Jew ‘Fro? FIGHT!

  2. KenG

    Aris sucks at coaching! Even Bronson didnt win! all he did was talk abot the girl all day

  3. Danny Nguyen

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this game soon. Hopefully I can adjust to the new mechanics.

  4. ThePhantomRat

    Dat King swag knee.

  5. Peter Sewell

    I was hoping so hard that DJ KOR would take it!!!!!

  6. Litteraly Tiger Knee

  7. chemicalRed

    Nice.. Can’t wait for this game.

  8. Yayula

    5 more days… the hype is reaching critical mass

  9. Christian Weber

    i need this game out now! 😀

  10. EnergyLT

    Nice Video 🙂 Too bad it comes out on pc only after 4 months 🙁