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  • Cross Assault Begins! #TeamTekken

    Cross Assault Begins! #TeamTekken

    Cross Assault Begins! Check out crossassault.ign.com for the streams and schedule or if you want to watch all three at once click here (thanks to @KeitsSRK / Seismic_TT). If you have no idea whats going on – Cross Assault is an internet reality show featuring 5 Street Fighter players going up against 5 Tekken players […]

  • Cross Assault Contestants Revealed!

    Cross Assault Contestants Revealed!

    Capcom has just revealed the contestants who will be competing on Cross Assault for $25,000! For Team Tekken we have Bronson Tran, Kor, Tasty Steve, 200yen, and SuperYAN. For Team Street Fighter we have Dr Sub-Zero, Sherryjenix, TS NerdJosh, Renic, and TFA Hornet. (Looks like EVERY member of Team Tekken was featured here in our […]

  • Cross Assault – Team Tekken Entrant Round-Up

    Cross Assault – Team Tekken Entrant Round-Up

    UDPATE 2011/2/8: Bronson Tran, FightingGM, NYC Fab, SperoGin, 200Yen, BloodRed added Cross Assault is rapidly approaching and entrants for Team Tekken are finally picking up. While there have been quite a few entries for TeamTekken, very few of them are actually Tekken players from the competitive Tekken scene. This being the case I’d like to […]