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Level Up Your Game – SFxT – Marduk / King

Continuing on in our Street Fighter x Tekken coverage, this week we cover the two grapplers of the Tekken series, Marduk and King. Both characters have unique playstyles and are a lot of fun. King’s combo potential is ridiculous so TastySteve on Cross Assault, take notes! #TeamTekken (Oh yeah, and stay tuned to the credits for a little bonus)

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48 responses to “Level Up Your Game – SFxT – Marduk / King”

  1. Islaw

    WOW @ credits

  2. Lamar

    Does king still have his multi-throws and kick counter?

    1. Rip

      His multithrows is just his super. Counters are still in, but not specific to kicks and punches. Instead theyre specific to jump in or grounded.

      1. Targie

        What are the recoveries on the counters?
        If my opponent is jumping towards me and I whiff the counter because they don’t attack will they have time to punish me?

      2. Rip

        Its a major whiff like whiffing any special really. Whiffing anything in this game at ranges where your opponent can punish you is very costly. Very much like Tekken in that aspect

  3. Hfz

    I kinda need to ask, does the 1+4 beat out everything once it’s in the air? That move might be too good against non-dp characters.

    What about the hop kick? Does it launches people doing low?

    1. Rip

      It has a really slow start up but it is unblockable. Havent investigated the property to the fullest so not sure what it beats out/doesnt beat out.

      Hopkick does not launch people doing lows. You can see in the video that they can crouch under it and if they are doing low attacks, both players whiff. True high

  4. soku

    this game is like a dream come true

  5. GumDissease

    Thanks for this guide, really shows me a lot of potential with these characters. After this I plan on using King along with Steve (who I can’t wait to see the guide on.) Keep up the good work guys. 😀

  6. Granis

    King and Zangief….talk about grapples ftw!!

  7. chemicalRed

    Very informative video. I think I’ll be making King one of my characters now.

  8. Christian Weber

    how many hop kicks can king connect in a row?

  9. AlwaysFree

    I assumed that I was going to stick to SF for this, but some of these Tekken characters look amazing. Nice video btw

  10. L. Roland

    That King stuff is super crazy. Great video, please do Jin next! Please!

  11. Burly

    Good stuff.

  12. aleem

    does king have hif f+2+3 in this game the shoulder ram?

  13. Clifton Duffy

    I hope to see a Asuka and Ling Xiaoyu guide soon!

  14. George Thao

    I want to see Steve, curious on how he plays.

  15. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!