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Level Up Your Game – Street Fighter x Tekken – Raven / Yoshimitsu

The Level Up Your Game series for Street Fighter x Tekken continues with the ninjas of the series, Raven and Yoshimitsu. Is Yoshimitsu one of the worst characters in the game? Could Raven be one of the best? Its definitely too early to tell but I think we’re headed in the right direction. Also, this episode marks the beginning of our second MadCatz Tournament Edition FightStick PRO giveaway contest. Hit the jump for more info

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Contest ends 3/16/2012. Winner will be chosen 3/17/2012


82 responses to “Level Up Your Game – Street Fighter x Tekken – Raven / Yoshimitsu”

  1. EDGE

    Yoshi i love you. and lots of info for an hour.

  2. Amun Walker

    Raven looking dope

  3. Brandon D

    Yoshi is deff on my team!!

  4. Minh Vo

    Alright! Looking to try Raven out first when I get the game

  5. Kevin H

    Man this stuff is great, I’ll definitely be looking forward to your guys videos in the future. Unfortunately I’m not much of a tekken buff, but I’m hoping to pick the series up with TTT2, and I enjoy watching the series on streams.

  6. Harpreet Hundal

    Raven looks like he’s going to have some dirty mixups

  7. ReaperRetribution

    Raven = my new main

  8. Russell

    Yoshimitsu is such an amusing fighter. Strange and effective, lol. While Raven seems to be very technical with his projectiles and teleports.

  9. Nano

    Raven does have a ton of interesting combos im sure hes gonna be a huge favorite to pick among Street Fighter x Tekken players.

  10. ColdSteel

    One of the most badass combos

  11. Beerneo

    Nice to see some Yoshimitsu gameplay, I like his zany fight style.

  12. Targie

    Yoshi’s cross-art beginning does 160 damage, which is more than all the ones I’ve actually paid attention for. So he has… something… kind of?

    Though I think I’ve figured out Yoshi’s SCV super now.
    The opponent is taking all the hits that Chun-li should have taken in this game, Yoshi is so good that his hit-boxes actually transfer to another game to hit a totally different character.

    Have fun with the game Americans with your stores breaking street date and your 6th of March release date.

    *waits till Friday*

  13. Sigh, was def thinking about making Yoshi my 2nd, but it’s not looking good. Raven seems promising though.

  14. Booster Gold

    Yoshimitsu is one of my favorite Tekken characters, kinda dissapointed by him

  15. Sam

    Yoshimitsu with that Nerf foam sword.