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Tekken Busters – Series Premier!

Korean’s new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 based TV show has aired its first episode! Big thanks to wogasu for the upload so the rest of the world can enjoy it. Nin is back as a commentator and the episode weighs in at over 2 hours long! Check it out below

src: ATP


9 responses to “Tekken Busters – Series Premier!”

  1. SuperAmmario

    Ball’s in your court MLG

  2. RonanN1

    I can’t watch it 🙁 00.00 …wth?

    1. reepal

       @RonanN1 Yeah I’ve been getting that when I try to view it at the Youtube page as well, but the embedded video works fine for me. Strange, anyone have a solution?

  3. notcool

    SHAME, DO YOU HAVE IT?  I can see you stealing news posts from corporations and big name people but to take it from ATP and SDTEKKEN and then have the CAJONES to post it on Tekken Zaibatzu and link directly back to your site without any mention of them is fucking shameful, disgusting and pathetic.  Do you think we’re stupid fans who won’t see whats going on?  Fuck you man.

    1. SuperAmmario

      Dude chill, the original guy who captured the show was actually Jacob Kim and posted the magnetic link for everyone to torrent. The first person to completely upload it on youtube was wogasu. And yeah he was credited on the TZ.com news posting.

    2. reepal

      @notcool lol, by no mention I guess you mean the link next to src that says ATP. Src means source, ATP means AvoidingThePuddle, and if you click it, it actually goes to the ATP site…

  4. iGab

    I got a quick question, anyone knows what those red, blue, and green bars mean at the start?

  5. Alex Chin

    Kind of laggy :S

  6. Alex Chin

    but cool video 😛 cant for the upcoming episodes