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A Very Special Thank You From MYK To You

Hello everyone,

my name is Michael Y.Kwon also known as “MYK” within the fighting game community.  Recently I had a need to go to the emergency room at a local hospital, since the health center at my university was not able to diagnose the problem.   The school’s doctor recommended me to go to the Emergency Room at the nearest hospital.  This whole hospital/health center deal has been a stressful month long process and I wanted to say that I couldn’t thank you guys enough for everything you have done.

I was in immense pain, as I wasn’t even able to walk without the pain being multiplied.   I didn’t know what to expect, since it first started off with a breakout of hives. Which after getting treated at the health center I noticed there was a blotch of red spots on my leg that started to swell up.  I didn’t think much of it at first, until the pain came with it.  So the second time I went back to the doctor and he sent me off to the Emergency Room at which he was “assuring” that I would be able to apply for a “MSI” program to get financial assistance.  After my hour and a half stay at the hospital the physician there said that I had gotten “cellulitis” some kind of a skin infection.  I was then prescribed 3 medications cephalexin, bactrim, and a pain-killer.  Took the medication for the prescribed time, and after being off of it for one day my skin started breaking out with red spots all over looked like the spots people get when they have “keratosis pilaris.”  Went back to the school’s health center to get benedryl to treat the allergic reaction, then when that was gone the swelling had come back.  So it’s been a long time coming with all these different antibiotics, been on doxycycline since and it has been working so far.

After having to deal with all the stress from what was going on with my body, I started receiving the medical bills from the hospital.  Which came out to be a bit more than expected clocking in at $4000+.  With my part-time job, and my financial situation at home myself and my family was put in a real wake-up call situation.  Had no idea what to do, as we wouldn’t have been able to pay it off by any means.  I was beyond stressed out, with no ideas on what to do or how I would be able to pay for this I felt like driving off a cliff.  So I had contacted my friend Rip to see if there was anything we could do as I had no where left to go. Thanks to Rip and thanks to the great help of the community we had set up a donation drive and had reached the goal in even under 24 hours.  Having put my family through all that stress and with the medical bills coming one day at a day for 4 days straight it wasn’t easy on them.

I was more than relieved and couldn’t be happier to be a part of the fighting game community at how quickly they heard me out and how quickly they have helped reach that goal.  I was even amazed that other websites and people and companies donated to help the cause as well, truly amazing.  I wanted to give a very special thank you to everyone that has donated, it was very much appreciated and it helped out so much.  Special thanks/shout outs to the people that also donated games/sticks. Thanks to NamcoBandai’s very own and my Tekken Mentor, FilthieRich.  Thanks to Madcatz’s Markman for donating the sticks.  Thanks to EightArc’s 725 for also donating sticks.  Thanks to MattD from Capcom.  Thanks to SRK, IPW, and everyone that has tweeted about it.  Also special shout out to Rip for hearing me out and helping me set this up for me.

Thank you everyone, you guys have helped me and my family out so much and I hope that this infection/swelling won’t come back again this time.

-Michael Y.Kwon






5 responses to “A Very Special Thank You From MYK To You”

  1. DennisdeKok

    Your welcome 🙂

  2. HASJ

    Solidarity indeed exists, huh.

  3. SuperAmmario

    Hope your health is maintained 🙂 Congrats on the recovery.

  4. ManishRaj

    We love you MYK…. Wishing you good health ….
    and a Big thanks to RIP……

  5. fan88

    Take good care and stay well MYK .  FilthieRich and everyone were by your side doing what they can at least