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  • LUYG 5 Year Celebration Giveaway!

    LUYG 5 Year Celebration Giveaway!

    To celebrate 5 years of Level Up Your Game, we’ve got three awesome prizes from @MadCatz to giveaway! We have two MadCatz Tournament Edition 2 Fight sticks and one Tritton AX PRO+ Headset! Three prizes, so three separate giveaways! One for Twitch subscribers, one for Youtube subscribers, and one for Twitter followers! Check out the […]

  • A Very Special Thank You From MYK To You

    A Very Special Thank You From MYK To You

    Hello everyone, my name is Michael Y.Kwon also known as “MYK” within the fighting game community.  Recently I had a need to go to the emergency room at a local hospital, since the health center at my university was not able to diagnose the problem.   The school’s doctor recommended me to go to the […]

  • HelpMYK Raffle Winners

    HelpMYK Raffle Winners

    Hey everyone, sorry this took longer than expected to put together, but I finally have all of the prizes in front of me and ready to send out. A big thanks once again to Mad Catz, EightArc, Capcom, and Namco Bandai Games for their donations to the raffle, and of course another big thanks to […]

  • Help MYK – Success! Goal Reached In Under 24 Hours!

    Wow – I truly did not expect the response to come in so quickly. A big thank you to Shoryuken, Capcom Unity, MarkMan, Mad Catz, EightArc, FilthieRich and everyone else who helped promote this donation drive and/or donated prizes to the raffle for giveaway. I am taken aback and I’m sure MYK will be as […]

  • MYK Needs Your Help – Donation Drive

    Every now and then there are members in the Fighting Game Community that go through tough times. Either it be from a disaster, or someone just in some dire need of help/support. Today we have one of Level Up Your Game’s very own, Michael “MYK” Kwon, calling out for the support of the community. MYK […]

  • Level Up Your Game Is Officially Partnered With Machinima

    Level Up Your Game Is Officially Partnered With Machinima

    If you tuned in to this past Electric Wind God Friday’s stream you may have already heard this announcement. We filmed a short video of it as well which will be up later tonight, but in summary, Level Up Your Game is now officially partnered with Machinima. So who is Machinima and what does this […]

  • New Site Design Is Up!

    Lost a tiny bit of stuff in the upgrade, so there are some kinks to be worked out (particulary with IE8), but overall, I’m liking it a lot more. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Heading to the ATP EWGF Stream now, so I’ll fix the bugs later tonight/tomorrow. Also, look forward to […]