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e*Stars Seoul 2012 – Vote for Your American/European Tekken Tag 2 Players!

Cant have eSports without your eStars! This international Tekken Tag 2 tournament will take place in Seoul, South Korea. Winners of the vote will be sent to South Korea to compete! 1 from USA, 2 from Europe. Super close race between Just Frame James (JAMES) and Anakin right now for the USA spot. The USA player named Pep is actually NYC-Fab (that really can’t be helping his chances right?). I hope JFJ or GM win the USA spot since they haven’t had a chance to compete in Korea yet. Its a great learning experience. USA players = JustFrameJames, Anakin, FightingGM, NYCFab, Kor, Crow. Europe players = Killerdoll, RikiMaru, Malekith, SabreDabre, Zepi, Harry Potter, Devil Kazuya, Bode, Emperor, Sandro, and Wogus. VOTE NOW


2 responses to “e*Stars Seoul 2012 – Vote for Your American/European Tekken Tag 2 Players!”

  1. SuperAmmario

    Damn, apparently they changed it such that only one person can be invited 🙁

    1.  @SuperAmmario Wow, thats terrible news. Although, none of these guys have much TTT2 experience anyway. I like how everyone is now listed under AMERICA – you can vote once per day everyone!