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Tekken Tag 2 – WTF – World Tekken Federation

Namco has highlighted a TON of new features for the online mode in Tekken Tag Tournament 2! All replays will be saved online, World Tekken Federation stores all your stats including which moves you use and how often you use them, worldwide leaderboard, and team creation features! Check it all out below. (BTW, isn’t that the Corissa Furr who was Lili at E3?)





2 responses to “Tekken Tag 2 – WTF – World Tekken Federation”

  1. MarkMassarik

    “Premium Service” means extra cost… right?And is there any mention of online pair play yet?

    1. Rip

      Generally marketing teams use the word ‘premium’ to indicate a pay service. No confirmation one way or another yet, but it could just mean premium like – greater than other games offerings. We’ll have to wait and see