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World Tekken Federation Site Revealed

Looks like the World Tekken Federation website will be available from… you guessed it! worldtekkenfederation.com – Pretty interesting in that it uses your banapass account if you have one. So I already had an account! So crazy. I wonder how integrated it actually is for arcade players. I wonder if it will work cross console.. That would be awesome!





8 responses to “World Tekken Federation Site Revealed”

  1. Lucas Liaskos

    Do I need to register from my PlayStation 3 or the website? Or its the same and it doesn’t matter?

  2. abner


  3. Alex Chin

    ^ prolly it doesnt matter. as long you log in with your account on the ps3.

  4. Jairus Fernando

    Reepal Parbhoo have you ever been to the philippines?

  5. LevelUpYourGame

    Have not, hopefully will get to one day

  6. Jairus Fernando

    ah ok, so when are you gonna do some tutorials of forest and marshall on your show?

  7. Paul Boatwright

    Just signed up for an account! Better get on before every other person in the world starts registering.

  8. korly

    via BADJUJU on the WTF forum:
    “The Arcade “Tekken-net” is actually not online/connected presently with Console. I’m not aware of anything in the queue to make this happen – But hey, those are all decisions about 10 levels above my pay grade!I believe that support for multiple platforms will be available – But this is something of an edge case. We will have the ability coming soon to link a “Primary” account which could be either XBOX or PSN and then a secondary account as well. Your Primary will be the stats always displayed during login and you will have the ability to toggle between the two platforms. At this time, I don’t have any other information regarding other SKUs”