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TTT2 – Dr. B, Unknown, Violet + All Pre-Order Character DLC Available Now FREE

As FilthieRich mentioned yesterday on the Playstation blog, the full roster of TTT2 has been released and is available to all owners of the game, for free. Jump in and check out Dr. Boskonovitch, Unknown, and Violet. If you didn’t pre-order the game then you now will have access to Kunimitsu, Ancient Ogre, Michelle Chang, and Angel as well! Finally – the full game is upon us! We’ll try to get Morning Bread & Butter done for the new DLC characters in a week or so! Also, starting tomorrow – TTT2 will be available as a digital download direct from the Playstation Store for $49.99


2 responses to “TTT2 – Dr. B, Unknown, Violet + All Pre-Order Character DLC Available Now FREE”

  1. Violet_Chaolan

    According to tekkenzaibatsu ages ago, there are even more DLC characters, but the code for them hasn’t been finished yet. Arouses my suspicions…

  2. GamerDude256