08th Feb2013

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Unknown

by Rip

Saw some youtube comments that said people wanted to see another Morning Bread & Butter tutorial? This time around we cover one of the final DLC characters for TTT2, Unknown. Of course, you can always catch the tutorials live at our twitch channel before they hit youtube. Be sure to follow us at both the twitch channel and the Youtube channel to catch the newest stuff the fastest.

13th Nov2012

TTT2 – Unknown Snapback Setup and KO Glitch

by Rip

Rickstah has a found a possible tag crash/definite KO glitch with Unknown in TTT2. Certain combos leave your opponent at the right range after tag assault to set the opponent up with Unknown’s snapback move (1+2). While the opponent can escape by utilizing other wake up options, if the opponent tag crashes in – the outgoing character gets hit with the full damage of the snapback move. We’ve all seen that whenever the outgoing character is hit when both characters of a team are on screen that damage scaling is severe, however it does not seem to scale in this instance. In a way, this could be seen as a tag crash catch similar to techroll traps etc. Also, during the KO you will notice that the Unknown hand doesnt show up and the KO replay just shows the floor.

12th Nov2012

TTT2 – Dr. B, Unknown, Violet + All Pre-Order Character DLC Available Now FREE

by Rip

As FilthieRich mentioned yesterday on the Playstation blog, the full roster of TTT2 has been released and is available to all owners of the game, for free. Jump in and check out Dr. Boskonovitch, Unknown, and Violet. If you didn’t pre-order the game then you now will have access to Kunimitsu, Ancient Ogre, Michelle Chang, and Angel as well! Finally – the full game is upon us! We’ll try to get Morning Bread & Butter done for the new DLC characters in a week or so! Also, starting tomorrow – TTT2 will be available as a digital download direct from the Playstation Store for $49.99

19th Sep2012

Tekken Tag 2 – Time Release DLC Characters Starts October 9!

by Rip

Excited about Dr.B, Sebastian, Slim Bob, Miharu, Unknown and Violet? Well Famitsu is reporting that these characters and the additional DLC stages will start rolling out, one at a time, from October 9th. Oh yea, and they are free. Time release of course a throwback to the arcade scene so it would be cool for those in the arcades if these get time released at the same time in the arcades. More videos after the jump!


14th Sep2011

Scarlett Johansson Cell Phone Pics < TTT2 Final Boss Pic

by Rip

You may disagree with the title, however, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is officially out in Japanese arcades today. People are playing and there is a lot of information coming in. Word on the street is that Jun transforms into Unknown and that Ogre is the mid-boss! Namco has also put up move lists for every character over on Tekken-Official. Check it out and click through to see the image larger. (more…)