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Tekken Revolution – Free 2 Play – Fighting Game – PS3 Exclusive – June 11

Gamespot has revealed that Namco will be released Tekken Revolution, a free 2 play fighting game, exlusively for the Playstation 3 on June 11th! I was tweeting about this as an idea months ago, so I’m really looking forward to it! The footage at 19m30s mark only shows a few characters (Kazuya, Lars, Paul and Bryan), but nothing is known about the game yet. Stages and graphics look like they are revamped from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. If you guys remember, it was announced a few months ago that patents were filed for Tekken Revolution and Tekken Arena. Now we know what Tekken Revolution is, will we find out what Tekken Arena is at E3 as well!?

Update: Michael Murray has confirmed on twitter that there will be gameplay differences!





23 responses to “Tekken Revolution – Free 2 Play – Fighting Game – PS3 Exclusive – June 11”

  1. LevelUpYourGame

    Yes, they can do any or all of the above. We’ll find out more soon though, the game comes out on Tuesday

  2. HwaRang

    bullshit! i wonder whats diffrent too TTT2 too make it interestning… it looks 1:1 the same so far

  3. Ryan Johnson

    LUYG is there any way we can suggest to namco/tekken to get tekken 4 on PSN? i don’t know how to suggest this idea but i know you guys are somewhat close to namco in someway. I really wanna play that game again it was my favorite tekken. I just don’t know how to get it on PSN so i can enjoy it once more. It would pretty cool if i could get my voice heard on this suggestion so i can play it.

  4. Dawid Wesołowski

    I don’t think it would happen : ( There’s still no Tekken 3 on PSN and I believe the audience for T3 would be bigger than for T4.

  5. Calvin Fletcher

    is this an update

  6. Alex Chin

    well tekken3 did drew me into the tekken series.
    but im sure theres tekken3 on psn. cuz i remember i saw it in the psp section. not sure if its still there or not though.

  7. Ryan Johnson

    Alex the only tekkens on PSN are 1,2, tekken 5 DR, and possibly tekken 6. Dawid I have 3 via PS1 disc so i don’t care whether they put it on PSN or not but Tekken 4 had the best soundtrack, story, and presentation out of all the tekkens in my opinion. tekken 3 is still my favorite but there was something about tekken 4 that made me love tekken even more

  8. HwaRang

    i want and love Tekken 4 too! i would support your idea!