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Tekken Revolution – Free 2 Play – Fighting Game – PS3 Exclusive – June 11

Gamespot has revealed that Namco will be released Tekken Revolution, a free 2 play fighting game, exlusively for the Playstation 3 on June 11th! I was tweeting about this as an idea months ago, so I’m really looking forward to it! The footage at 19m30s mark only shows a few characters (Kazuya, Lars, Paul and Bryan), but nothing is known about the game yet. Stages and graphics look like they are revamped from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. If you guys remember, it was announced a few months ago that patents were filed for Tekken Revolution and Tekken Arena. Now we know what Tekken Revolution is, will we find out what Tekken Arena is at E3 as well!?

Update: Michael Murray has confirmed on twitter that there will be gameplay differences!





23 responses to “Tekken Revolution – Free 2 Play – Fighting Game – PS3 Exclusive – June 11”

  1. Dawid Wesołowski

    Oh please no, I sense the same thing as with f2p Dead or Alive.

  2. Paul Boatwright

    Pay $2 to unlock devil jin’s win pose!!!!

  3. Alex Chin

    free to play. pay to win
    ! thats what im feeling

  4. LevelUpYourGame

    I was tweeting this idea forever ago and still not involved, so sad – http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/655/riptwitterfree2playtekk.png

  5. Can Tan

    Is this only for PS3?

  6. Dawid Wesołowski

    Only for Ps3.
    How can it be good for a fighting game, what should they sell to have profit ? Numerous outfits? Who cares? Looks like TTT2 solo mode with different color schema for arenas.

  7. Greg Daily

    Could be a good way to get new players into the game. I’m guessing it’ll either be online only or pay to unlock each character. Maybe it’ll just be a more robust customization system that you pay for outfit pieces. We’ll see June 11th, I guess.

  8. Alex Chin

    well it is free to play, you cant really expect something new lol.

  9. Alex Chin

    @RIP. why do you ahve so many tabs open loool.

  10. Ryan Johnson

    NO NO i want tekken 4 on PSN lol

  11. Dawid Wesołowski

    Then what is the point of releasing such title ? If you want a fighting game you want it to be complete, with access to all the roster. It’s like receiving a car without wheels, something that is crucial. I don’t see any reason why anyone should stick to this Tekken Revolution when there’s TTT2. Sure, a lot of folks will just “check it out” because it’s free, but how will Namco make the players support the title ? 5$ for 11 frames EWGF ?

  12. Domenic Tedeschi

    ^I kinda feel like your jumping the gun on judging the game when we haven’t even seen it yet.

  13. Dawid Wesołowski

    That’s what you do with a preview, draw your own conclusions. I don’t see how f2p model can work for a fighting game, if Namco proves me wrong then I’ll be happy to play.

  14. LevelUpYourGame

    There are a lot of ways to implement the pay side of it. There are also a lot of really well done models out there. I understand the free 2 play concept is foreign to a lot of the FGC, but there is huge potential in it to make the scene bigger and stronger

  15. Dawid Wesołowski

    Sure it’s a great way to promote, but how can they profit from it ? Say outfits ? Stages? Characters ?