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Tekken 7 – Comic Con 2014 – Recap

Hey guys, last weekend was San Diego Comic Con. Bandai Namco had a fighting game panel in which they talked about a bunch of stuff for an hour including Rise of Incarnates, the CGI opening movie for Tekken 7, and finally more details about Tekken 7 itself. You can catch the full panel on the Youtube Channel, or if you’re just interested in a quick recap of the Tekken 7 information, check it out below. BTW, shoutout to all of our subscribers as we recently crossed the 20k barrier. Thanks everyone and if you haven’t already done so, please subscribe!





2 responses to “Tekken 7 – Comic Con 2014 – Recap”

  1. Jeff Caldwell

    hey rip one day you should do a tekken lore video, because i realized by watching this vid that i have absolutely no fucking clue what tekkens storyline is haha i dont think anyone does

  2. Daniel Jones

    A whole lot of jack shit