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Tekken 7 at Evo Gets $30K Pot Bonus! Free Tshirt for Participants

Just announced via the evo2k twitter account, Tekken 7 will be receiving a $30,000 pot bonus! Additionally, there is a free Tekken t-shirt for all participants! Since there are already 7 announced Japanese players coming to Evo (who have no doubt been playing the game the past 3.5 months) its safe to say they are the favorites looking for that pot bonus. It should make for a high level top 8 performance though! The Japanese players expected to be in attendance at Evo are Kuro Kuro, Zekusu, Pekosu, Nobi, Yuu, Matador. There are multiple announcements regarding the Tekken franchise coming up in the next few weeks. July 7th will be a major announcement, followed by a panel at Comic-Con and another panel at Evolution! Lots of Tekken incoming!






7 responses to “Tekken 7 at Evo Gets $30K Pot Bonus! Free Tshirt for Participants”

  1. Joe Bhatia

    When is Tekken 7 release date for the UK? 🙂

  2. Jimmy Clay

    That shirt is so ill. Even happier that I reg’d.

  3. LevelUpYourGame

    There is no release date announced for the console version yet. Latest rumor said October 7 and Michael Murray shot it down and said it was FAKE.

  4. Joe Bhatia

    Thank you for the information. Tekken 7 next year maybe still looks good

  5. Joe Bhatia

    Keep on gaming still can’t wait for Tekken 7

  6. Joe Bhatia

    Kazumi gameplay is one of the best I have seen it on YouTube she has an amazing fighting style 🙂

  7. TheIceCloneDoesFunction

    I bet Eliza is the next character. Easy port, and the weabs love her.