25th Aug2011

GOSU Tekken – 2011/08/24

by Rip

Sad news. LDMaxi is finally leaving Korea and heading back home to Sweden. Aris and I set aside some time to do commentary on part 2 and 3. Maxi has said that LDBob will be taking over but that he hasn’t been fully trained on mixing the commentary in etc, so this may be the last GOSU Tekken with commentary for a long time. LDBob has some huge shoes to fill though and seriously, I doubt anyone is as crazy about standing in an arcade for hours recording matches as Maxi, so outlook not good. A huge thanks to Maxi for all of the awesome content he has provided the Tekken community the last few years.

14th Jul2011

GOSU Tekken – 7/14/2011

by Rip

New episode of Gosu Tekken. Aris and I are back, for.. I’m not sure what we did, it may or may not have been commentary! Sorry if you hate it, we’re in part 2 this time! Big thanks to ldMaxi as always for constantly putting out these awesome vids:


05th May2011

GOSU Tekken – May 4, 2011

by Rip

New episode of GOSU Tekken with commentary on part 1 by Aris and myself. Yet again we’ve got more Nin vs Knee matches direct from Korea, courtesy of ldMaxi.

20th Apr2011

GOSU Tekken – 4/20/2011

by Rip

ldMaxi is back with more korean deathmatches in this weeks episode of GosuTekken. This time we get to see HelpMe (back from the army and skinny with short hair now!) go against Barcus as well as Nin and Knee battle it out! Aris and I are on commentary for part 3: (more…)

14th Apr2011

GOSU Tekken – 2011/4/13

by Rip

Its that time again. Another episode of Gosu Tekken, except this time there’s a little twist as its actually the Tekken Crash Season 7 Preliminaries. Aris and I jump on commentary for Part 1. Check out the vids (more…)

31st Mar2011

GOSU Tekken – 2011 Mar 30

by Rip

Continuing his weekly series, LDMaxi has uploaded the newest episodes of GOSU Tekken. In this weekly series, Maxi records deathmatches held in Korea’s Green Arcade. In this week’s episode Aris and I jump on commentary for part 1 and we get to see a whole lot of Binchang and Pung Ho. (more…)

24th Feb2011

GOSU Tekken 02-23-11

by Rip

Hey everyone, ldMaxi is back with more korean Tekken 6 deathmatches. Aris and I do commentary on Part 2 this time around, but things take a turn for the STRANGE around the 21 minute mark. Be sure to check it out if youre interested in Korea’s Green Arcade at all

Part 2 (Commentary by Aris and Rip)
Rain (Mig) VS Jeongdding (Chr) 110211
Hankuma (Leo) VS Rain (Ste) 110211
Ji3moon Ace (Kaz) VS Rain (Ste) 110211

Click through for Parts 1 and 3! (more…)