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GOSU Tekken – 2011 Mar 30

Continuing his weekly series, LDMaxi has uploaded the newest episodes of GOSU Tekken. In this weekly series, Maxi records deathmatches held in Korea’s Green Arcade. In this week’s episode Aris and I jump on commentary for part 1 and we get to see a whole lot of Binchang and Pung Ho.

– 110330 pt.1 –
00:20 Nell (Dra) VS Chanel (Ali) 110323
13:54 Binchang (Bru) VS Pung Ho (Lee) 110324
22:37 Binchang (Ste) VS Pung Ho (Lee) 110324
41:18 Dioxin (Ann) VS Pung Ho (Lee) 110324

– 110330 pt.2 –
00:20 Pung Ho (Lee) VS Kari (Chr) 110325
35:27 Gakxini (Dra) VS Naengmyun Sungin (Rog) 110328





26 responses to “GOSU Tekken – 2011 Mar 30”

  1. genki

    lol aris is ignorant. like i said before, most hopkicks lack range, don’t track, and you can jab them in the air into a full juggle. so it’s very risky to randomly throw them out in close range on someone who likes to randomly throw out jabs. and you can’t tell if you’re opponent is gonna low poke or jab or sidestep or backdash, so it’s risky. and hopkicks that track and have good range like julia’s is very punishable on block, her’s is -16 and still sidesteppab sidewalkable to .

    it’s really ignorant when aris said people don’t randomly sidestep lol. i’ve seen players alot of players like holeman, myk, etc randomly sidestep after lar’s d/b 2 1 on block and throw out a random arc blast. even knee and mr. naps throw out random jetuppers after d/f 2 1 on block. like i said before, everytime you sidestepped an unseeable move like a generic d/f 1, which is 13 frames. it’s random! cus you can’t see it coming. if people can see a linear move and a homing move coming top players wouldn’t get hit by homing moves!

  2. genki

    aris is also bias. he posted a comment on slip’s article saying, ” he doesn’t have problems with high crushers just hopkicks.” you wanna know why? cus dragunov doesn’t have a hopkick and he has qcb+2 which is one of the best high crushers in the game and you know what’s funny? he throw it out randomly! yes it’ s random cus he’s not sure if his opponent is gonna throw out a high move, cus it’s impossible to tell! that’s why it gets blocked sometimes. and it’s only -12 on block and leads to a full juggle just like a hopkick, qcb+2 crushes highs and hopkicks crushes lows. both random! therefore he’s somewhat hypocrite.

    one of the purposes of hopkicks is it scares players from spamming low pokes just like DUCKING scares players from spamming high moves and grabs cus sometimes players randomly duck and throw out WS launchers. yes, ducking grabs and single high moves is random cus it’s impossible to see them coming!

  3. genki

    another reason aris is ignorant is because he said to mr.naps on podcast that bryan’s orbital heel crushes jabs! LOL orbital heel is very slow, 25 frames it’s easier to hit it in the air with a jab and doesn’t track. he needs to watch the final round of the first game and final round of the 4th game of mr.naps vs knee where naps lost cus of it. he got scared of throwing it out at close range cus knee likes to throw out jabs.

    another random stuffs are counter hit moves like steve’s b+1, magic 4s, df+2s, etc. they’re random cus it’s impossible to see a fast move coming and beat it out with counter hit move, unless your opponent does a slow unblockables or when he’s doing a string far away and interupt it with a counter hit move. therefore, hopkicks are not the only random things in tekken.

  4. genki

    there’s a bunch of other random stuff in tekken.

    random ewgf, jetuppers, counter hits, sidestep/backdash arc blast. magic 4s, hellsweeps etc. basically, everytime you throw out a move and you’re not sure if it’s gonna land, blocked, sidestepped, ducked, backdashed, crushed, etc then it’s RANDOM!!!

    aris, slips, tomhilfiger, etc need to realise that RANDOMNESS IS INEVITABLE IN FIGHTING GAMES!!!!!


  5. genki

    one more thing, if hopkicks don’t launch, then characters that don’t have WS launchers like bruce, lee (his fc uf+4 is very slow) etc. will have problems launch punishing blocked lows, ducked grabs and high moves.

    if you guys are gonna bitch about hopkicks, then you should bitch about the other random stuff, if not, then that’s like DISCRIMINATION OF HOPKICKS! be fair U.S PLAYERS!

    if namco gets rid of hopkicks or nerf them hard like make them all launch punishable or don’t crush, players who play characters like bruce, lee, etc. are gonna blame aris, slips, etc. BELIEVE ME! i’ve already told the some japanese players at Gamer’s Vizion and JOYBOX about u.s. players bitching about hopkicks and calling them random wins. they think it’s really disrespectful.

  6. I think the problem here is that you are taking the things I say in passing a bit too literally. Also, just because I put up an interesting article he wrote doesn’t mean I completely agree with him.

    I think hopkicks are one of the best tools in Tekken, however, I don’t think they are broken or over powered, I just think they are great tools. You shouldn’t take everything that is said in every podcast or commentary too literally. I am very happy with Tekken 6 and if the crush system is unchanged I will stay happy. Instead spending THIS much time trying to claim I have a wrong OPINION, maybe you should get a clearer view of that my opinion exactly is.

    I’ve said on my podcast before. When Harada asked me what system changes I think should be made in TTT2, the only thing I said was that I want “Chickens” to yield a higher reward.

    So relax amigo, Hopkicks aren’t that bad. I just like to complain!

    1. genki

      we find it really irritating that a lot of people at your site are agreeing with that ignorant slips and calling players who won by hopkicks random win. it’s very disrespectful and he’s making t6br look bad. and they say said “it’s random, anyone can win. ttt1 is superior cus it had a best player, t6br is inferior cus there’s no best player.” the reason other top players can win now in t6br is because the game is balanced, the other top players with each character has a chance of winning. before in ttt1 only the top mishimas and ogres can win cus they’re broken, that’s why jang iksu was the best cus he was the best with the broken mishimas. same with nin’s broken steve in T5.0 and holeman’s broken kazuya in T6.0(3 time royal rumble champion) they were only the best cus they were the best players with the broken characters in these broken games.

      next time don’t post ignorant stuff like that in your site. it makes players who won by hopkicks feel bad. it feels like a waste of time winning agaist u.s. players.

    2. genki

      if you guys are gonna discredit players who won by a hopkick and call it a random win, then japanese players might as well not compete there and you guys shouldn’t compete here neither in japan cus you might get hopkicked. it’s a totally waste of time and money to go over there only to get discredited and disrespected.

      1. First of all, I cant control the opinions of people who visit my web site. Another important thing to keep in mind, Tekken 6 is my favorite Tekken and I think it is much better than TTT1.

        Again this is an example of you not knowing my true opinion and over reacting to something that isn’t true. Unlike you, I respect everyone’s opinions and give everyone an opportunity to express these opinions. I can only speak for myself when I say that when I go to Japan, I get my ass kicked by top level Tekken players and there is nothing random about it (Pekos is is the best IMO).

        There is no need to get hostile or sensitive just because people have different and unique opinions. What do you gain from that?

        I think your biggest problem is that you are mistaking the opinions of people who are guests on my podcast and web site as opinions of my own. Please don’t make this mistake.

        Again, I respect everyone’s opinion, including yours. However, just because I give someone the opportunity to share their opinion on my web site DOES NOT mean I agree with it.

      2. genki

        you’re a denial, i know you don’t like hopkicks and think they’re overpowered that’s why you said on you’re post you only have a problem with them but not on high crush moves on the article. i schooled you, so now you say they’re fine. the japanese players are worried cus if namco hears the u.s. players complaining about hopkicks they might nerf them hard just to make you ignorant players happy, but causes problems to knowledgeable players who need hopkicks. cus namco might do anything to bring more players into the game, not scare them with hopkicks! that’s why i’m telling you if you think an article is bullshit, you shouldn’t post it on your site, i wouldn’t if i were you. cus some people are gullible and ignorant, they believe everything what idiots like slips says and it turns them off.

        again, if namco hears u.s players constantly bitching about hopkicks, they will eventually nerf them. that’s what we’re really worried about.

    3. garyoak99

      ldmaxi just uploaded an audio interview with Dioxin onto YouTube. The first question was how he got his nickname Dioxin! I noticed that one of the questions that you asked Rip during the commentary was about how he got his name.

      It’s at the 26 second mark here:


  7. BTW, I’ve always been one of the only American players who defends Tekken 6 for NOT being random.

    If you listen to episode 2 on my podcast, I argue with Ryan Hart defending T6 and saying that the word “random” is not synonymous with “difficult to control”.


    Like I said, if you are going to spend so much time and dedication trying to say I’m wrong about something, maybe you should actually ask me about it personally. For all you know, we may agree.

  8. Magus920

    lmao at “Damn, Chennel’s got a serious unibrow”


    Genki you need to stfu you are giving me a headache!

  10. Apparently there is no way to have a mature discussion with you. Perhaps Tekken should be changed to bring in more fans. You are obviously a selfish player who only cares about his own local environment. Anyone who doesn’t agree with you is apparently ignorant. The Tekken community is a COMMUNITY. It’s not only about Japan. The only thing you have proven to me is that you are unreasonable. Great job representing your country. Fortunately for you, I know better than to take one persons word as a representation of an entire country. Try applying this method of thinking to the US and you will sleep easy at night.

    I have never heard someone cry so much about something that hasn’t even happened yet. Try to relax and enjoy your weekend.

    1. genki

      players who are knowledgeable of the game all agree with me, only ignorants like you don’t. and i have never heard so much people bitch about hopkicks! funny you bitch about hopkicks but not bitch about high crush moves and other random stuff! and then you say, “they’re fine, i just like complaining.” lol good way of representing your country for bitching and ignorant players. i’m enjoying schooling ignorants like you lol. i bet if someone wrote an article about how ducking grabs and high moves and punishing them with a ws launcher is random, you’d post it on you’re site just like slips’, right? even though it makes U.S players look ignorant. you’re representing you’re country in a good way alright. why post an ignorant article? to embarass your players? doesn’t make sense to me! hahaha…….

  11. genki

    i also heard you complaining about steve’s df+2 in a gosu tekken video and you think it’s overpowered cus it’s a homing move and a mid that leads to a juggle on counter hit and that he doesn’t need it. this make me think you lack knowledge of the game, why? cus the move is -9 on block so even though it’s safe you’re forced to block and guess 50/50 mix up, and if you decide to attack right away after it’s blocked your get countered, that’s the downside of the move. and steve doesn’t have a 15 frame launcher. the reason players like nin spam it on u.s. players is because you guys don’t do 50/50 mix up when it’s blocked. i bet you’re gonna say “i knew that already it’s fine and not overpowered i just like complaining” and say ” you don’t know my true opinion” cus you’re a denial, you don’t like being proven wrong.

    why complain if you know it’s not broken or overpowered? what do you gain from that?

    1. You can not prove an opinion wrong. Anyway, it looks like we will never come to a conclusion on this issue so. Feel free to continue to follow my commentary and take note of my every word. You have proven that you are one of my biggest fans and I thank you for that.

      1. genki

        COMMENT REMOVED by Rip: If you’re going to comment on the site, keep it productive and refrain from insults. I don’t want to ban anyone but I will if I have to especially because I don’t want to spend a bunch of time “moderating” the comments.

  12. umad?

    genki’s mom is a hopkick

    1. Cyrano


  13. Quadrupledragon

    Jesus, did someone shine the genki signal in the sky or something?

  14. Devil Kazuya

    I have to agree with Genki

    With so many fast lows in BR hopkick is definately needed, but combo damage+wall from hopkick could be reduced.

    Only thing that I don’t like about T6 is easy wall carry.

  15. Wing

    holy fucking shit that was so retarded