13th Jun2016

TEKKEN 7 – PC and Console Release Date! Early 2017!

by Rip

TEKKEN 7 – PC and Console Release Date! Early 2017! Thats right, confirmed this morning at the Microsoft XBOX E3 Conference, Tekken 7 will be released early 2017 on the PC via Steam, Xbox One, and the Playstation 4. They showed off a snippet of the new story mode which shows seamless transitions between cutscene animations and gameplay. They also showed quicktime events in the cutscenes and in the gameplay. Additionally, it mentions “WHO WILL SURVIVE – FATHER OR SON?” implying that either Heihachi or Kazuya will die! Check it out and my live reactions to it below!
UPDATE: BandaiNamco site notes 3-31-17 as the release date (March 31, 2017). That may be a placeholder date though


09th Feb2015

Tekken 7 – Arcade Intro Movie

by Rip

Check out the Tekken 7 Arcade Intro Movie! We saw a teaser of it with Heihachi and Kazuya standing on the volcano before. Now we get to see them fight! Check it out below:

27th Nov2012

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Heihachi Mishima

by Rip

Kicking off our Mishima tutorials for TTT2, we start off with Heihachi Mishima! The next few Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tutorials will feature each of the Mishima’s individually. Be sure to follow the twitch channel to be notified when we go live with TTT2, whether it be tutorials or just online play:

14th Aug2012

Tekken Tag 2 – Bonus 3P Costumes Revealed

by Rip

Much like Tekken 5 and Tekken 6, the console release of Tekken Tag 2 features some bonus costumes from famous illustrators! For the full list of who-dun-what click here. For screenshots of Heihachi, Kunimitsu, Miguel, Alisa, Anna, Jaycee and MORE check out all of the screenshots after the jump!

16th Jul2012

Tekken Tag 2 – Bikini Pack Trailer – 150 Swimsuits

by Rip

Wow, those teaser screenshots of the Tekken Tag 2 bikini pack did not do it justice. Tekken 4 diaper Heihachi has got nothing on this! Also, it now says 150 swimsuits whereas before they said 100+. What do you call that flap in the front? A modesty flap? I can’t wait to see Leo in a bikini top with a modesty panel bottom. That would be TOO good!

10th Jul2012

Heihachi Revealed For Playstation All-Stars

by Rip

It was revealed this past weekend that Heihachi will be a playable character for Playstation All-Stars. If you haven’t heard of Playstation All-Stars, its kind of like a Smash Bros. clone with Playstation first and third party characters. In the vids below you can see Heihachi summon Kuma as well as his level 3 where he blasts characters into out of space on his space shuttle. The game releases October 23rd in the USA. Hit the jump for the vids (more…)

02nd May2012

Tekken x SF Leaked Images?

by Derek Lee

UPDATE: Michael Murray has confirmed that these are NOT TxSF pictures, and instead are just Tekken Tag 2 customizations.
A couple of leaked pictures have shown up around the internet of possible development pictures for Tekken x SF.