06th Apr2013

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Jaycee

by Rip

In this tutorial for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 we cover one of the overlooked “new” characters, Jaycee. For those of you who didn’t know – spoiler alert – Jaycee in TTT2 is Julia Chang..dun DUN duUun – you all knew that though right? We’ve got a couple more tutorials to release in the weeks ahead. If you’d like to post your recommendation for what character you’d like to see us cover, LIKE us on facebook and leave a comment in the requests post. Also be sure to follow us at twitch.tv/levelupyourgame and twitter.com/levelupyourgame so you’re notified whenever we go live.

14th Aug2012

Tekken Tag 2 – Bonus 3P Costumes Revealed

by Rip

Much like Tekken 5 and Tekken 6, the console release of Tekken Tag 2 features some bonus costumes from famous illustrators! For the full list of who-dun-what click here. For screenshots of Heihachi, Kunimitsu, Miguel, Alisa, Anna, Jaycee and MORE check out all of the screenshots after the jump!

13th Jul2012

Tekken Tag 2 – Big Bikini Bundle & Bad Girls of Tekken Trailer

by Rip

Straight out of San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Namco have revealed the Bad Girls of Tekken trailer. At the end of the trailer it shows that there is a new pre-order bonus for Tekken Tag 2 called the Big Bikini Bundle with 100 bikinis for customization. They posted a couple of screenshots as well, featuring Kunimitsu with the watermelon bikini =O

20th Jun2011

Harada Confirms: JayCee = J.C = Julia Chang

by Rip

GamerNode had an interesting interview at E3 with the Tekken Project team in which Harada confirmed that JayCee is in fact Julia Chang. Apparently, she is just filling in for a friend who is in the hospital. Julia puts the mask on and does the lucha libre thing. He further noted that if customize JayCee to remove the mask that the name will show up as Julia Chang. He already has confirmed that it will not change the moveset though, so it will just be the name that changes. So anyone hoping to get Julia’s old moveset/properties back, looks like you’re out of luck. (more…)