20th Jun2012

S.T.L Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited Combo Video #2

by Rip

Wow, there haven’t been many Tekken Tag 2 combo videos that have gotten me MORE interested in trying stuff out but this one by S.T.L is certainly one of them. Make sure to follow him on Youtube for his latest. I’ve linked some of his older combo videos below as well:


14th Jun2012

Tekken Busters – Season 1 Episode 6

by Rip

S8M9E2JX is back with another upload of the latest episode of Tekken Busters. This time around he’s put it into 1 long video instead of multiple parts. Check it out below:

29th Apr2012

TTT2 : Unlimited – Tiers and Damages from Arcadia

by Derek Lee

A new issue of Arcadia Magazine was recently released and it gives some info regarding tier lists from a top player standpoint as well as some official damage listings.

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14th Mar2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited – Hands On Preview

by Rip

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited is playable at the Las Vegas Amusement Expo. I got some hands on time with the game and got some of my questions answered by the Namco staff there. Unfortunately as this is more of a trade show than a public event I didn’t get a lot of really competitive play but came away with a good understanding of what separates this game from the original version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.