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Level Up Your Game -Episode 5- Asuka Kazama

Level Up Your Game - Insomnotek

We’re back with another episode of Level Up Your Game! This time we brought Asuka expert Charles ‘Insomnotek’ Kim on the show to guide us through all the pro’s and con’s of using Asuka Kazama.






4 responses to “Level Up Your Game -Episode 5- Asuka Kazama”

  1. billfromaccounting

    best one so far

  2. bobfan

    Great stuff! I find these very educational and useful, and entertaining lol. When are you guys gonna do one about Bob?

  3. Midway

    great stuff guys i wonder if you can do one for king you know with his multi grabs and break points for his grabs and also for jin..since his got new moves and all many old tekken fanatics cant seem to get over his new moves

  4. Glenburg

    Part I
    Punishers – 1:47
    Useful Moves – 8:22
    Part II
    Useful Moves (cont.) – 0:00
    Ground Hitting Moves – 10:22
    Special Grabs – 13:40
    Part III
    Special Grabs (cont.) – 0:00
    Homing Moves – 1:18
    Crush Moves – 4:02
    Launchers – 6:15
    Bind Moves – 8:48
    Combos/Juggles – 9:44
    Wall Game – 11:18
    Item Moves & Unblockables – 14:47
    Part IV
    Item Moves & Unblockabeles (cont.) – 0:00
    Anti – Asuka – 2:05