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Level Up Your Game App Released!

Hey guys, this is Rip.  Two announcements in one…

1> Level Up Your Game App is now available in the iTunes App Store for 99c
2> LevelUpYourGame.com now exists! And I’ll be keeping you updated with everything LUYG here as well as additional original content.

Data for the app was compiled by MYK.  This is only the first version of the app and additional content is already being added.

You can grab the App from the iTunes App Store here and you can check out the app in action below:






14 responses to “Level Up Your Game App Released!”

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  2. kornstar

    awesome app! wish i had this earlier as i was starting out. but apparently i still have lots to learn!

  3. ZZibu

    Does app has Frame data on it?

    1. Rip

      No, frame data is not included in this app. It is something we are looking into.

  4. B A R T L E

    Great app. with so much potential.

    Bought it yesterday.

    Simple and straight to the point.

    Obviously the UI could be revised in a later update to show a little aesthetic appeal but nonetheless it gets the job done.

    Frame data is a must! We need that shit.

    Good work RIP and whoever else made this possible.

  5. xeleion

    Who do I talk to if I want to make an Android version of this app?

    1. Rip

      We already are working on an android version. Should be out sooner than later

      1. neonblunt

        Thx to the almighty tekkengod for making an android version. I already was cursing myself for buying a droid instead of an iphone.

        Keep this stuff going, your work is so much appreciated!

  6. MBK

    haha i wouldn’t curse yourself for going w/ android — you made a good choice imo.

    will wait and buy the android app when it is available…

  7. asdlfkjad

    Galen SDT has a big butt.

  8. Shiv

    Still waiting for the android version 🙁

    1. Rip

      I’ll personally email you when its up!

  9. Per Andersson

    Could you lpease send me a mail when the android version is out to? I live in Sweden so maybe that might be a problem though?

    1. Rip

      Android version is out! Check http://www.levelupyourgame.com/app